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Handle Packs

Folding handles!
1 & 5 lb. Models
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Water Cooler
Bottle & Filter

Turns Ordinary Tap Water Into GREAT TASTING Filtered Water!
Turn Your Water Chiller Into A Water Filter
Fits Most Coolers

  • Cartridge filters up to 50 gallons of water.
  • Removes over 99% of lead content.
  • Helps eliminate chlorine, odor and sediment.
  • Reduces water hardness, improves taste.
  • The ONLY filter to fit both Brita and PUR filtration systems.
  • Fits all side kick displays.
  • Easy to use prepacked, gravity feed disply.

Protect Your Family with HomeWater Filtered Water Products.
The Future of Decorating is here with our Faux Decorating Tools.
Experience a New World of Comfort with our Selection of Comfort Insoles.

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Bed Mattress Pads!
These pads help your body by transforming your existing mattress into a theraputic sleep system. Enjoy the comfort and support of the comfort material, easing pressure points and helping you to relax.

The Next Generation of Insole!
Magnetic Gel Insoles
with Massaging Bubbles
Magnetic Therapy GEL insoles give the relief of Neodymium Magnetic Therapy featuring Full Surface Massage. Insoles fit both Men and Women. One Size - Trim To Fit.

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Odor Eliminator Insoles

Brand New Odor Eliminator GEL insoles with Massaging Bubbles. Insoles fit both Men and Women. Great for work, sports or at home.

Reduces Bacteria that causes odor.

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Magnetic Foam Pillow
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