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Shipping Information
When you order your item, you should really know how its going to ship from us to you.

Most importantly we offer that all of our products will usually ship within 24 hours.  TAKE NOTE: We can only ship on business days and if you order on a weekend, your order will be shipped the next business day.  Also Next Day Air Packages might not arrive the next day after you ordered, it will probably arrive 2 days after you have ordered.  The same thing applies to 2nd Day Air Packages.

All of our items are shipped by UPS.  Below is a list of the following UPS ways we ship.

  • Next Day Air - Fastest (US destination only)
  • 2nd Day Air - Fast (US destination only)
  • Ground - Lowest cost (US destination only)
  • Ground Commercial - Lowest cost (Commercial US destination only)
  • Canada Ground Standard - Lowest cost (Canada destination only)
  • Worldwide Express - Any non-US destination fast as possible
  • Worldwide Expedited - Most non-US; slower, saves a bit

To to find out information on tracking your package, please visit our tracking information page.
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