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We use a shopping cart service, provide by Americart.  This service helps you easily navigate through our website to order products, as well as giving you the safety of ordering over the internet.   Below is a list on how to navigate through our shopping cart to order the items of your choosing.

Lets start off at the beginning.  You have navigated through our products section and are ready to choose the product that you wish to buy.  Click on the product that you wish to purchase.
Now you will have reached a screen giving you a description about the product that you choose.  Click on the button below the picture of the item.
If this the first item you are adding into your shopping cart you will be asked to enter your UPS shipping information on how you want your product shipped.  Click the button at the bottom to proceed to the next step.
You will come up to a screen that will give you information on the products that are in your shopping cart.  To increase, decrease or delete the quantity of the item listed in your shopping cart, click the buttons to the right of your item.  To empty the cart, click the "Start Over" button.  If you would like to shop for more items in our website, please click the "Continue Shopping" button at the bottom of the screen.  To complete your order and enter your name, address, credit card, etc... information, please click on the "Check Out Now" button.
When you have finished shopping and have clicked the "Check Out Now" button, you will be prompted to a screen asking if you are a Minnesota Resident for Sales Tax purposes.
Next you will be asked which type of order you will be placing.  You can choose using our secure server, or our non-secure server if you browser can not handle secure transactions.  You can choose between a credit card order, check order, or a gift order (Billing address different from Shipping address).
After clicking on the options listed, you will proceed to our submission form.   Fill out all of the form and you will have completed your order.
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