Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is "Color Guide" and how does it work?
A."Color Guide" is composed of a light sensitive colorant specially formulated for a specific brand of paint. Simply add the "Color Guide" to the paint creating a contrasting color.

Q.How long does it take the "Color Guide" to disappear?
A.Under normal light conditions it will fade in less than 24 hours. High humidity, low light, extra thick application, or an unprimed textured ceiling may extend the time.

Q.Can I be assured the "Color Guide" will never return?
A.Yes, the "Color Guide" is gone forever once the paint is completely dry.

Q.Once I mix in the "Color Guide", how soon do I need to use the paint?
A.The paint should be used within 7 days to take full advantage of the effect. This time constraint does not apply to the longevity of the paint, but merely the "Color Guide" itself.

Q.Can the "Color Guide" be in any brand of paint?
A.Yes, "Color Guide" must be custom formulated for each individual brand of paint.

Q.Will "Color Guide" work in any color?
A."Color Guide" works best in white, off-whites and pastel colors. The only exception is blue, because the "Color Guide" is blue.

Q.Will "Color Guide" affect the quality of the paint?
A.No, "Color Guide" does not affect the quality of the paint in any way.

Q.Is "Color Guide" toxic?
A.No, "Color Guide" is completely non-toxic.

Q.Does "Color Guide" come in different colors?
A."Color Guide" is only available in blue.

Cut open packet

Squeeze into paint.

Stir thoroughly

Ready to paint!

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