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Decorative Coatings

  • Easily see applied product
  • Helps deliver a uniform application
  • Identify runs, sags, and drips
  • No more missed spots!
  • Reduce fatigue while painting

Our product incorporates light sensitive fugitive dyes to paint and clear coatings. This process allows the contractor, or consumer to easily identify the areas of application. Then within 24 hours of artificial or natural light, the dye disappears leaving the original color or clear coating.

How It Works...

Color Guide is a two part system. A packet of blue colorant is attached to the top of the can. Just before undertaking the painting project, the do-it-yourselfer removes the packet, cuts it open and squeezes its contents into the can of paint. As the colorant is stirred into the paint, it creates a distinct contrasting light blue color making it easy to distinguish the new finish.

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