Pitcher Filtration System

Extra Large Capacity!
Gives tap water a clean, fresh taste!
Removes 93% of lead content. - Helps eliminate chlorine taste and odor.

Complete 4-piece system includes:
  • Large capacity pitcher & lid
  • Water reservoir
  • Water filter
  • Locking Usage meter

Locking Usage Meter tells you when it's time to change filters, and locks filter in place so unfiltered water cannot seep into pitcher from resorvoir.

ONLY $10.00 (plus shipping & handling)

Pitcher Filtration System

  • Large Capacity. (Produces 3 quarts.) More than 50%larger capacity than Brita™ Systems.
  • Exclusive Patented Usage Meter.
  • Home Water filter fits all Brita™ Systems.
  • Brita™ filter fits all HomeWater systems.
  • Filter removes over 93% of lead and chlorine.

Our Price


Order 6 Filters ($30.00) with Pitcher ($50.00 Total Cost) and Home Water will pay the Shipping and Handling Charges.

WF100 + 6 WFBT
Pitcher Filtration System
with 6 Filters

Large Capacity Pitcher Filtration System and 6 Water Filters. Free Shipping & Handling.

Our Price


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